Data Management & Visualization

  • We offer a wide range of services in various fields of ICT, Business Consulting as well as System & technological integrator, incl. Construction Management, if needed.
  • We are your system integration partner with focus on Technology, Mobility & FinTech
  • Our solutions work. We bring system integration and complex to tackle any challenge. We look for an ideal solution with cutting edge technology and deep understanding of regulatory context.
  • We always look on cost-benefit ratio
  • We bring comprehensive solutions from many different disciplines to make things work together.

Data Management & Visualization

  • Energy DashBoard is highly versatile solution for remote data collection, analysis, and visualization. Primary application for energy and water supply e.g. comparison of efficiency of two buildings or the same building at different data points is just a beginning.
    • Remote data collection
    • Primary focus on power & water supply
    • Applicable to many areas such as asset register payment management etc.
  • COVID Dashboard - tools is currently in development stage and based on Dashboard technology to ensure distrubution process for unknow number of applicant with unknown rate of sufficiency.

Technology Development

  • Innovative use of technology is seen as the key to success nowadays, yet only few understand the intersection between technology and business like we do.
  • Solution Design
  • Refactoring and Optimization
  • Lose Weight & Gain Speed
  • Platform Evaluation
  • Technology Gurus
  • System Integration- inherent complexity with technology change, from requirements planning to architecture design, deployment and optimizing system operations.

Business Consulting

  • New Product Business Development Strategy
  • Project Management- We help you successfully manage project scope, schedule, resources, and communication.
  • Task Management
  • Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • Content Management
  • Outsourcing and Insourcing
  • Business Services
  • Deadline Management

Technology Integrator

  • We are System and Technology Integrator. Our expert team are capable to provide not only technology, we take care of whole process from drawings to construction permit, regulation compliance and to handover of completed technology complex / construction to client. We focus on technologies relating with construction provide:
  • Architects
  • Civil Engineers
  • Construction Designers
  • Construction Coordinators
  • Supervisors
  • Functionality Testing




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